Tennis and Tango in Buenos Aires

The Dance

Judy and I have been taking lessons with Paula Franciotti and Orlando Scarpelli. I can't express how wonderful the experience of getting deeper into Tango has been. We went to a couple of Milonga's (dances) when we first arrived (before the lessons) and my dances were OK, but not connected. My technique was rough and I had forgotten what I loved about the Deep Experience of Tango.

After a couple lessons, I went to a Milonga and had a wonderful dance with an older lady. The temporary intense intimate connection between two people moving together syncronized not only with each other's step and constant connection, but with every musical phrase and rhythm of the beautiful music.

A magnificient experience!

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Custom Tango Shoes.

We had the pleasure of meeting Girardo Mitria at his shoe factory.

Robert Mari and Judy Mari with Gerardo Mitria at his tango shoe factory

He picked us up, brought us to the factory, measured our feet, and we could get everything from instep height, to color, material, design, all perfect for our Tango Shoes. All at a very reasonable price. DSC 0094-Robert-Mari-and-Judy Mari-with-Gerado-Mitria-the-Tango-Shoe-Master-Artisan

My russian grandfather was a shoe maker. He had casts of his clients feet, so that when they needed some footwear (riding boots, shoes etc) the would write a letter to him, then he would take their feet from the shelve and make the shoes to fit! I told the story to Girardo, and it turns out he does have some clients that he has moulds to match their feet!

This was a really wonderful experience. More to come when we get our shoes!

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Breakfast? Heat and weird prices

Robert having his first food of the day

First of all, after 1.5 hours of singles at 9am, we got on the road and my first food was in the large beer bottle! Wierd.

It was a hot day and I think I suffered a bit of heat. Had trouble stopping my profuse sweating.

For the food portion of the meal I had "matambre a la pizza," which is a thin flank steak well cooked and then melted cheeze and tomato sauce and italian spices. Pizza and Steak without the bread! Very filling without the starch and at only $6US was a great deal.

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